The major change I’ve experienced since coming to Dr. Zook is fewer headaches. Also, there was a time when my knees were painful and I couldn’t sit Indian-style. Dr. Zook helped me gain balance and feel young again  I stopped having those issues after treating with Dr. Zook. I am now able to hold a glass, open a door, and sit Indian-style - things that I couldn’t do before.

I’ve noticed great changes in my neck, arm, back, and sciatica. My pain is gone. Almost every time I come in the adjusting room.

Dr. Zook is always pleasant, professional, on time, and really listens. I would advise anyone to call and schedule an appointment now! I would like to say a huge “Thank you” for relieving pain and aches in my body and reducing my migraines.


My son, age 6, benefited greatly from pediatric chiropractic care. When my son was about 4 to 5 years old, he was having a lot of problems with keeping healthy. He would have a lot of colds and he was not sleeping very well at night. He would complain of pains in his knees and feet.
​He started seeing Dr. Zook and it made a significant difference in his life. He became much healthier and he stopped complaining about his pains. Dr. Zook's care is very comprehensive and it starts with a set of x-rays so you can really see the problems and what you are trying to correct. You could see a physical difference in my son in terms of his energy and enthusiasm after he received his chiropractic treatment. I cannot thank Dr. Zook enough.



Dr. Zook has changed my whole life by making me happier with myself. She not only became my health advisor but also my friend. She has exposed me to a whole different way of looking at health – my old exposure to health was always medicinal, but she showed me a different way of looking at health other than medicine.

Since starting Chiropractic care, I get more oxygen and blood going to my brain. My energy level has increased. I have the ability now to exercise. And I just feel that my internal spirit is lighter.  I was always kind of like in a fog. Before, I used to sleep a lot, but now, I sleep a lot less but don’t feel tired during the day like before. Now, I’m more alert, and my endurance has increased.


Ever since starting BioSET, I have noticed a difference in my life. My energy has noticeably increased. I used to get tired after exercising, but now I have energy after I exercise and also have energy left to do other things I need to do in my day! I feel as though I am not carrying anything on my back anymore – as if weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  BioSET is great and is working for me! My health has improved too – Since I had my kidney removed at the age of 4, I have never had regular bowel movements. Now in my 60’s since being on the enzymes and the BioSET protocol, I now for the first time in my life have daily bowel movements.


I had a shoulder problem that had become chronic. Sadly I was almost resigned to accept the pain and soreness to being in my forties with no relief in sight.  Dr. Zook identified the source of the problem and alleviated my pain completely!!  Dr. Zook has great listening skills that she obviously has honed into with her many years as a practitioner, which I believe also contributed to her success with my shoulder issue.  She asked many questions and did a very thorough consultation and examination. She also ordered x-rays to see where the problem could be originating from.  I would encourage anyone with joint or muscular pain to see what Dr. Zook can do for you. Do not believe that the pain can’t go away!


Bioset is an amazing system. It helped to pinpoint and alleviate core problems in my body, naturally and without drugs. All of the results, through the Bioset system, supported the findings we suspected. The advanced technology of the IQS technology with the Bioset system is very innovative. Dr. Zook and Bioset have helped to improve my health and livelihood.

I love coming here to my appointment – I look forward to it.  I really enjoy coming here A LOT. It’s a very positive experience. My advice is to get exposed to Chiropractic. Make sure the Chiropractor that you choose understands your body. Follow her lead and what she advises because as she touches and manipulates you, she feels different areas that need to be addressed. Trust Dr. Zook and you will benefit greatly from it.


I am a high-energy person, and with chiropractic care, it allows me to maintain my high-energy lifestyle.

I believe in Chiropractors 100% if they practice like Dr. Zook with the care and quality work that she gives. Chiropractic care was actually used by my mother. After seven miscarriages, she decided to see a chiropractor who helped her to conceive and come to full term. With his help, my mother was able to give birth to my sister and me. And to say the least, he practiced like Dr. Zook.

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Going to see Dr. Zook while I was pregnant was the best decision I made as an expecting mother. I didn’t have  back pain, or morning sickness that I always heard would accompany pregnancy. I felt great during those 9 months! Dr. Zook is amazing and was always enthusiastic to answer my questions or address any concerns I had. I gave birth to a wonderful healthy daughter who is also getting chiropractic treatment. Our family is healthy and happy and we thank Dr. Zook for keeping us there!