Chiropractic is a natural, hands-on approach to health where gentle movement of specific vertebrae are moved back to their correct position taking the pressure of the nervous system allowing the body to send maximum information from the brain to that tissue/organ in a more functional way optimizing energy and healing to the body allowing your body to heal itself…NATURALLY, therefore decreasing or preventing symptoms and increasing your body’s function and VITALITY.

After I have completed a comprehensive consultation and examination ​on your first visit  and determined which  x-rays are necessary I  will refer you out to an X-ray facility near our office. The second visit is the Report of Findings where I will go over the X-rays with you and the findings.Once everything has been explained treatment will begin!!

My 3 Phases of care are:  1) Pain relief   2) Correction    3)Wellness


I have extensive knowledge on exercise and nutrition and can assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals  whether it is digestive , energy or hormonal issues.

I will also recommend specific exercises designed to address your specific condition as well as recommend specific, highly effective food, nutritional supports, , homeopathic  remedies , and lifestyle modifications.

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Dr. Miche LaMarche  is our Acupuncturist.  Acupuncture is another natural non-invasive health modality we offer to also assist your body in its journey to achieving health and wellness. 


If you are pregnant, one of the best things you can do is get Chiropractic care, which will provide you with so many great things a pregnant body needs, such as: a flexible and balanced spine, hips, pelvis and internal organs, without postural and nerve stress.
I have special body pillows, which I use on the Chiropractic table for comfort, to assist in the developing changes of the pregnant mother.


The Webster Technique was developed by the late Larry Webster DC in correcting breech
presentations. It is a specific Chiropractic analysis and adjustment, which reduces interference
to the nervous system, improving function to the pelvic muscles and ligaments.
 I have received
 special training and am certified in the Webster Technique. I have employed this technique
 with  my pregnant patients with a 99% success rate for a normal head presentation.


Babies, infants, and children also benefit from chiropractic care. A spinal checkup can make a BIG difference to your child’s health for his/ her entire life.

For over a hundred years, doctors of Chiropractic have observed the often dramatic response of infants to Chiropractic care from colic to difficulty breastfeeding, torticollis, unbalanced face and skull developments, sleep disorders, and allergies, which are just some examples. Children also may have misalignments in their spines and not know it, which is why they need periodic spinal checkups to detect these misalignments, similar to your regular dental checkups every three months.

In addition to improved physical health, chiropractic care is known to improve a child’s behavior and emotional health. All infants, babies, and children – whether sick or well – need to have a healthy spine.


I provide virtual on-line coaching for individuals interesting in addressing health, nutritional and lifestyle issues, specializing in increasing energy, weight loss, and sleep issues.  The potential of healing with proper food and nutrition is very powerful.

​Learn how to upgrade your health from your own home which puts you in the “drivers seat” of your own health!



This therapeutic table combines  Eastern and Western Techniques. It combines heat  to stimulateblood flowand tissue response, encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain and helps release the pollutants out of the musculature. This table is inspired by the effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, heat therapy (Moxi-bustion), Chiropractic and Massage.

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I practice “functionally” looking at the Whole System. Looking for the“root” causes.  
I become a detective to find where those signs and symptoms or diagnoses came from.  I look at systems and frameworks to allow to problem solve so I can capture all the information necessary.  I also form a therapeutic partnership between myself and my patient/client.  This is where the patient can be ally for their own health. Educating the patient so that they can show up for themselves.

Physiotherapy SERVICES

I tailor the use of specific physiotherapy services unique to your condition.


I use various types of hands-on soft tissue muscle work and techniques to address your unique health issues.